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A suite of assets to turn your book into an Exceptional Experience, Stand Out from the competition and build a business.

GreatBoox for Authors

Build and Launch Author Platform For Free

1. Promote your book

List it on our Experiential Search Engine

Get Discovered by Experience

  • Different Discovery options.
  • Content Rating System.
  • Experiences accompany the book.

2. Sell More with the Ultimate Sales Page

Turn visitors into buyers

Landing page designed to sell

  • Based on conversion-driven formula.
  • Everything authors need to show.
  • No coding, no hosting, no hiring.
  • Looks great on mobile and desktop.

3. Stand Out with Bonus Companion Experience

A new way to create and deliver book bonuses

before reading, during reading, and after the book ends.

Exceptional Book Experience

  • "Second screen experience" for print, digital, and audiobooks.
  • Great for every genre (fiction, non-fiction, children's books, textbooks).
  • Revolutionary active reading system for print books.
  • Advanced storytelling to bring stories to life.
  • The best way to own your audience.

4. Engage with your Reader Group

Built-in safe space for readers to interact, connect and collaborate

Reader Group for every book

  • Part of a bonus Companion experience.
  • No Algorithm, No Drama, Distraction-free.
  • Events and Direct Messaging Available.
  • Library of ready-made posts available.
  • Optimized to run by itself.

5. Offer products and Services in the Personal Store

Grow your income stream and maximize your profits

Store for every author

  • Books in multiple formats.
  • Merchandise, Online courses, Digital Downloads, and more.
  • Sell direct or through retailers.
  • Accept payments via Stripe or PayPal.

Want more?

Advanced Tools to Grow Sales, Audience, and Income

The Pay for Experience system

What if you could earn $5.99, $7.99 or $9.99 insteat of a dollar or two?

A revolutionary system to entice readers to pay more for your book experience.

Sales Options

Sell books in any format, direct or through retailers.

Upsell with Merchandise, Courses, Digital Downloads, and more.

Business Tools

Tools to grow your list, Analytics, Inbox and more management tools.


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